Dehydrated Skin or Dry Skin?

Dehydrated Skin

Did you know that your skin can feel oily and dry at the same time. No, this is different than combination skin. Your skin can be dehydrated. Did you know that was a thing? 

If you have dry or oily skin that is a skin type, something you were born with. But, if you have dehydrated skin that is a skin condition. That can actually be treated and changed. So, YES - You can have oily skin, but be dehydrated and YES you can have dry skin and be dehydrated. 

I’m going to help you know if you have dehydrated skin and how to treat it. 

Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. Dehydrated skin lacks water and hydration. They’re totally different, but sometimes can show similar signs.

Here are some signs of dehydrated skin:

Itchiness, tight, dull, sunken eyes, dry patches, increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts, uneven tone, rough texture, and increased sensitivity. 

Dehydrated skin can also show quicker signs of aging. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Reasons for dehydrated skin include:

Caffeine, weather/environmental change, showers being too hot, incorrect face products, diet, and inadequate water consumption.

All of these things deplete your skins water content giving a less plump appearance.

Dehydrated skin can also stop our skin's ability for cell turnover. Without that hydration, your skin won’t shed its outer layer frequently enough, and dead cells will start to accumulate on your skin. Which will lead to clogged pores, a dull complexion, and breakouts. Your skin may even try to overcompensate for the lack of hydration and create more oil.

Need I say more? Dehydrated skin is the Grinch and I’m going to help you know how to fix it. 

Things you can do for dehydrated skin:

1. Drink a lot of water

Skin is actually the last organ to receive the nutrients that we consume, which means it’s the last to get the water we drink. So, drinking a lot of water can help our skin drastically. 

2. Try washing your face with cool or lukewarm water

Too hot of water, while it may feel good, can strip our skin's natural oils. Keep your water to a comfortable temperature when washing your face. Pro tip - don’t leave your skin bare after you wash it. Apply your serum or moisturizer immediately to really lock in that moisture. Trust me, don’t wait to apply.

And last, but not least my HOLY GRAIL product that solves all my problems…

3. Hyaluronic acid or some type of hydrating product

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it grabs moisture and holds onto it so your skin can absorb it. It can actually hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water! It is extremely effective in hydrating your dehydrated skin. But, every skin type can benefit from some HA even if you’re oily. HA helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles and when our skin is hydrated it actually gives us a literal glow and supple look.

Elle magazine said, “HA acts as a magnet for moisture” so just think, it’s going to hold onto all the moisture it can for your skin.

Babies are born with a lot of HA in their skin, which is why babies’ skin is so dang, amazing.

So, the KEY to beautiful, hydrated, young, glowing skin is hydration. Skip the fillers and get yourself some Hyaluronic Acid.

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