The Eyelashes of your Dreams - For $20 and 2 Easy Steps

You've tried extensions, 58 serums, and everything else imaginable, but haven't been able to find a solution at the right price and with the right results.
Let's face it. Extensions look great if done right, but can be SOOO expensive. It's not something that your bank account can maintain for much longer.
You've tried serums, some have produced results, but cost like $200. Other cheaper options have done practically nothing. You might as well be putting water on your lashes.
Well, don't sweat it. We have a beautiful and practical solution for you.
Our Eyelash Boost Serum is only $19.55 for our members! And produces results like you see above. Can you say AMAZING?
We offer a FREE 30 Day Trial of our membership here. After signing up for the 30 day trial, you can then buy our Eyelash Boost Serum for $19.55 and try it for yourself!
Step 1 - It's simple. Place a nice line of product at the base of your eyelashes in the morning. TOTAL TIME = Maybe 10 seconds.
Step 2 - It's just as simple. Place a nice line of product at the base of your eyelashes in the evening. TOTAL TIME = Maybe 10 seconds.
For a GRAND TOTAL of 20 seconds.
And, Voila! You are on the path to the lashes of your dreams for only $20 and 20 seconds a day.
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