Has it ever crossed your mind how the skin that you have now is the same skin you’ll have FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Or that it’s the largest organ in your body? But yet, we don’t take care of it like we should. Maybe because:

  1. We don’t know what to use/don’t know what’s actually necessary to use
  2. It can cost hundreds of dollars every couple months to have good skin care products. And that sucks.
  3. Maybe we just don’t care. 

Well, we should care.

I have very acne prone skin and I have my whole life. So, basically I can’t use just anything on my skin without breaking out. I always get so jealous of those people who can put literally ANYTHING on their skin and won’t get a single zit. We all know those people huh... But that isn't me. I need really, really good quality stuff.  

When I was in esthetics school, it really started to bug me that if you didn’t have hundreds of dollars, you can’t have all those premium products and treatments for your skin. So, in my head I was doomed for bad skin unless I turned into some millionaire. It’s dramatic I know, but it just really bugged me. I WANTED TO HAVE GOOD SKIN TOO! I also was confused because I felt like I needed 20 different products in my skin care regimen and I didn’t have time for that. It felt super unnecessary and my husband wasn’t loving all the money I was spending... oops.

So, that’s when I knew that everyone, EVERYONE, should have access to GOOD products that aren’t going to make you select if you want to eat that month or have good skin care products. 

Lucky me, my husband, Ryan, is in beauty manufacturing and I found out that it doesn’t actually cost an arm and a leg to make high-quality products. It's because companies mark them up LIKE CRAZY, like anywhere from 5-15x crazy. Which is fine. But so DUMB.

So, along came the DIME idea. I was determined to make HIGH QUALITY skin, beauty, and wellness products available to every woman. If a girl is in college and scraping by, she still deserves to have good skin care.

Or if a woman has kids and she feels guilty spending $200 on a serum because there’s many other things she needs to buy, she still deserves to have good skin care and pamper herself.

Do you feel me? So with DIME, we’re making it possible for you to pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and give you the confidence you deserve without starving your bank account.

I hope that all of you who are reading this know how passionate I am about DIME and I genuinely want you to feel good about yourself. I want to make it possible for everyone to have amazing skin and feel confident in it! 

For anyone who’s had skin problems before, you know that when your skin is bad, your self-esteem can plummet. I know it’s vain and maybe you’re not all like me, but when my skin was at its all-time low, I threw myself a pity party and had zero self-confidence. Zero. So, not only do I want to provide you with affordable products, I want to provide you with knowledge of what may help your specific skin care concerns or needs. I’m no dermatologist, but I’m an esthetician and I do know a lot about products and ingredients and what can help skin.

You should also remember that products are not one-size-fits-all. It can take trial and error of figuring out what works for you. One thing might work wonders for someone, but do absolutely nothing for you. But that’s why we’re here. We want to help you find something that works for YOU. I promise we will only provide you with amazing products. I would never try to sell you something I wouldn’t 100% use myself.

I’m passionate about skin care, I’m passionate about helping other women love who they are, I’m passionate about sharing my tips and tricks of what I’ve learned about skin, and last of all I’m passionate about bringing you high-quality skin care and wellness products at a cost you can afford.

So, here is DIME Beauty.



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