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  • Perfume Boosters

    Boost your favorite DIME perfume or cologne!

    22.900 Ft

  • Detox Mud Mask

    Exfoliate and revitalize dull, tired skin!

    22.900 Ft

  • Tinted Glow Wonderscreen® SPF 30

    Now available in three radiant shades.

    21.000 Ft

  • TBT® Cream

    A clean retinol alternative that’s gentle.

    19.100 Ft

  • 7 Summers® Perfume

    Escape into summer with this warm, creamy scent!

    24.800 Ft

  • Eyelash Boost Serum

    Promote naturally fuller and longer lashes. 

    22.900 Ft

  • Luminosity™ Eye Serum

    Depuff your eyes and diminish dark circles.

    18.100 Ft

  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Boost skin’s bounce and lock in moisture.

    15.300 Ft

  • Dewy Day Cream

    A perfect light moisturizer for every day.

    18.100 Ft

  • TBT® Serum (Anti-Aging Serum)

    Try our hydrating leave-on exfoliant!

    18.100 Ft

  • Gentle Jelly Cleanser

    Achieve a deep cleanse with a gentle touch.

    11.500 Ft

  • Creamy Foam Cleanser

    Cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin.

    15.300 Ft

  • Super Skin Toner

    Nourish and maintain a healthy pH balance.

    11.500 Ft

  • Super Firm Serum

    Infused with peptides, tighten and firm skin!

    20.000 Ft

  • Hyper Glow® Serum

    Your skin's daily dose of vitamin C.

    15.300 Ft

  • Restorative Night Cream

    Lock in moisture while you sleep!

    18.100 Ft