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Your Clean Fragrance Guide

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Key Characteristics of Clean Fragrance:

+ Uses vegan and cruelty-free ingredients

+ Hypoallergenic formula

+ Free of harsh chemicals like alcohol SD 40

All perfumes contain a carrier, typically a form of alcohol, to help the fragrance last on the skin. The problem is, the type of alcohol used in most conventional perfumes is harsh and irritating to the skin. 

We use pure, organic sugar cane alcohol as the carrier in our clean fragrances, so you won’t have to worry about skin irritation!

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What to avoid:

+ Parabens

+ Sulfates

+ Benzyl Acetates

+ Artificial Dyes

+ Alcohol SD 40

Terms, like “natural perfume” are often not regulated, so when in doubt, we recommend researching ingredients. If a brand is not transparent about what’s in their fragrances, it’s likely they contain harmful ingredients you won’t want to spray on.

What to look for:

+ Ingredients with low-hazard EWG scores

+ The use of safe synthetic ingredients

+ Glass, not plastic packaging

+ Formula transparency

At DIME, we carefully curate each of our clean fragrances, strategically blending botanical-based and lab-made ingredients to ensure they are safe and gentle on the skin. Find your favorite!