To create luxurious skincare and beauty products that are clean, effective, and affordable.


DIME®  Beauty was founded in 2018 by husband and wife duo Ryan and Baylee Relf, who saw a need to provide clean, optimized skincare for women of all ages.

As a skincare and beauty advocate herself, Co-founder Baylee sought out further education from the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. After countless hours (1,200 to be exact) and hard work, her dream came true; Baylee was finally a licensed Master Esthetician.

During her training, she quickly learned that no matter what phase of life you are in, whether you're 20 or 65, our skin faces different challenges, therefore needing different types of products and treatments. Baylee expressed these thoughts to her husband, and together they worked to build a brand that was more than just skincare, and so, DIME® Beauty was born.

With a slogan of "Loving Your Skin Again," DIME®’s mission is simple—To create luxurious skincare, beauty, and wellness products that are clean, effective, and affordable to women of all ages. Offering over 20 individual products to choose from, customers have the option to build their own personalized skincare regimen based on individual concerns. With the help of these products, it is DIME®'s goal that customers will feel confident in who they are and embrace their skin in all its unique and beautiful stages.

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Here at DIME® Beauty, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. By utilizing glass packaging, we are able to offer a sustainable alternative that is much easier to recycle than plastic. All packaging is ethically sourced, free of BPA's & BPS', and 100% recyclable. Our goal is to make a difference, and slowly we can.


What goes in and on your body matters. Our skincare, beauty, and wellness products are created without using animal products, by-products, or derivatives. We do not test products or ingredients on animals.