Power Patch Mega System
Power Patch Mega System

Say hello to your new best friend. DIME's Mega Power Patch System saves the day every day. A powerful combination of Hydrocolloid, Vitamin A, Clove Oil, and Salicylic Acid helps dramatically reduce the size or appearance of blemishes in a matter of hours. This system includes all the same benefits as the regular Power Patch, but instead of 48, you get 96! Remember, don't pick, PATCH!

The Power Patch Mega System is stocked with 96 patches.

Key Benefits

  • Combats blemishes from within
  • Gentle on skin, but powerful on blemishes
  • Incredibly strong adhesive sticker
  • Vegan + Cruelty-Free
  • All ingredients are given scores that fall on the safest side of the EWG spectrum
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  • The Power Patch works by delivering powerful blemish-fighting ingredients to the source. Hydrocolloid is used to absorb and suck out all impurities, pus, and oils. Vitamin A is utilized to temporarily reduce the sebum production in the area, allowing for the patch to pull out all clogging impurities. Clove oil helps to act as a calming agent as it aids in reducing redness and swelling while also fighting the blemish-causing bacteria. Finally, the salicylic acid penetrates beneath the surface of the pores and dissolves any debris that is clogging the pores.
  • Applying the Power Patch is easy. Simply clean the affected area and dry well so that no cleanser or water is left over. Simply place the patch on the affected area and smooth it out to ensure solid placement. Allow to sit throughout the night or during the day. After a few hours, you will notice that the patch has now changed color and has developed a more solid white ring within the patch. This white ring is the impurities; pus, oils, and debris that have been pulled from the pores and is an indicator that the Power Patch is doing its job!
  • Obviously, each pimple is different, but if attended to at the right moment most blemishes will be cured after 2-3 patch uses. The deeper the pimple, the more patches and time it will take. If the pimple is more mature, the patch will quickly bring the impurities to the surface and out of the pores. Our patches shorten the life cycle of a pimple. Benefits include - smaller zits, easily extractable whiteheads, less redness, reduced pain, and faster healing.

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