Thirsty Face® Mist
Thirsty Face® Mist

Fueled with a new innovative skin care technology, Thirsty Face Mist hosts an electrolyte ingredient that brings powerful hydration and freshness with every mist. The perfect pick-me-up, refresh, rehydrate, and protect your skin with Thirsty Face Mist – perfect for at home or on the go!

Key Benefits

  • Provide continuous hydration throughout the day
  • Enhance the performance of other products
  • Provide antioxidant properties to fight against free radicals
  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
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  • Often you think of electrolytes in sports drinks, but water actually follows the flow of electrolytes. Subsequently, when it's infused in skincare, it allows water to be drawn into the skin, thus increasing hydration. Once in the skin, electrolytes help conduct electricity, enabling cells to regulate pH levels and keep the body's hydration system well balanced.
  • We suggest spraying 2-3 pumps roughly 6 inches away from the face while eyes and mouth are closed. The product can be applied with and without makeup.
  • This can depend on usage, but if the recommended amount is being used, you can plan on 30-60 days.

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